Amazon AWS Insights

Simplify the Amazon AWS Cloud with comprehensive analytics into AWS infrastructure  performance, usage and experience.

Control the cloud environments with Hortium’s ability to analyse the resources, availability and ROI. Understand the performance delivered to your user from your services in the AWS Cloud.

Improved AWS Cloud efficiency

No more surprises. See ‘at-a-glance’ where you can cut costs and optimize spend with detailed ROI analysis. Automated alerts flag spend thresholds and reserved instance expirations. Make your business more predictable by using historical data to forecast future spend.

Eliminate tool sprawl with deeper insights into the health and performance of your cloud and on-prem infrastructure within a single platform. Make hybrid monitoring a breeze with support for servers, databases, cloud, containers, networks, applications and more.

Go beyond

Go beyond traditional performance monitoring provided by CloudWatch. With Hortium you’ll receive a more granular view of cloud infrastructure health and performance data – like OS and app level metrics.

In addition to monitoring CloudWatch metrics for your AWS environment, Hortium analyses the end user experience of your services and applications in and through the AWS Stack. This allows Hortium to report on the performance and availability of your AWS resources where it matters most — from the perspective of your users.