The Solution

Focused on Actionable Insights

Our Hortium Software Agents test the application user journeys as the persona of each end user for service compliance. We analyse every element of what could affect the user journey in the digital supply chain.
We analyses the Application quality and every component in between over any connection to pin point issues, fact.
Then we analyse the resource and license usage of each user foe you applications to deliver you cost savings and increase adoption rates.
See, Predict, Fix.

  • Persona based Insights from any application user journey
  • Test from Anywhere, Any Application Any Connection, Any Cloud
  • Automated reporting and dashboards delivering value
  • API connections to BI platforms like PowerBI
The Hortium Agent

See Hortium In Action

Multiple analytics to all parts of your digital supply chain for deep insights.
Multiple spectrum tests per agents. Hortium uses unique algorithms for User Experience Analytics to create actionable Insights. The Hortium performs Bi-Directional testing and analytics to applications and services anywhere.
When a test fails or is below a required service level then Hortium uses ML/AI and launches additional analytics to pin point the issue before users are affected.
The Agent acts a user, it Connects via any method: Wifi, SDWAN, Fixed Line, broadband, Mobile and 4G/5G.

  • Data from every point of the user journey
  • Analyses every part of the digital supply chain
  • Secure Auto-Connects and Configures
Hortium Cloud
Our Cloud

Hortium Insights on Overdrive - Any Application Any Where

Unlimited number of agents can be deployed per location/ company. Hortium Securely collects data from Agents globally and Data is processed using ML and AI for Actionable Insights.
Data can be sent to Bi Tools via API and Data can be collected via API
The System provides complete visualisations with drill downs to Insights.

  • Automated Reporting
  • Predictive Trending Analytics
  • Machine Learning with AI
  • Actionable Insights through intuitive Dashboards
How it’s work

How Does Hortium Work

Data for all your users

Create Service Level Objectives based on real End User Experience modelling.
Map data across your business and deliver via automated reporting and Simple Rich Dashboards

A new breed of AI

We collect in to our data lake then apply Machine learning and AI to provide automated insights across your digital supply chain - See, Predict, Manage

Actionable Insights

We provide real Actionable insights from your users and application to your business, so you can save support, resources and costs - See, Predict Manage


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Awards & Accreditations

Microsoft Partner of the Year Award
G-Cloud 12 Award
Gold Winner of 2017 Horizon Awards
European Software Testing Awards Finalist
European Innovation Award 2021
Citrix Partner Awards 2020
AWS Partner Award 2020