Cloud Hybrid Orchestration for Partners

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Customers Digital Supply Chains must become visible, accountable and optimised. Are you equipped to address questions whether you are partly or fully involved in their delivery? Would end-to-end service experience data help your consultative relationships? Lessen churn and SLA disputes?

  • Enterprise demand for MSP support in digital transformation programs has never been higher
  • Users demand focus in service quality and service adoption
  • Enterprise focus is ensuring high quality user / customer experience - how to align your MSP with this imperative?

Customers want answers to new questions on user experience and effectiveness; on cloud service adoption and staff productivity. Things traditional OSS tools are simply not built to provide.

Multi Cloud

Getting your ‘strategy for digital’ right, empowers your partner / customer relationship for the long term. Hortium believe in the idea of shared “VISION”. Visible agnostic insights into the technology services that support your brand promise to the market.

The hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem offers huge choice but you need agnostic data driven insights not “it’s not our problem…it’s someone else”.

Offered for the xSP businesses to benefit internally and designed to sell-on as an agnostic visibility solution to their end clients. Delivering vital insights into end user Cloud adoption and productivity.

User Applications are principally delivered from either the public or private cloud on increasingly a multi-cloud hybrid setup. Both private in-house applications and public services are delivered on-demand as SaaS or PaaS. A positive step for finance (op-ex) and support (maintenance + always latest versions) but the technology is not owned and controlled by the business.

The organisation does not own the quality of how internal and external users experience the application.

The dependencies are extensive. The application or service itself -associated services (DNS etc.) and the digital string connecting the user to the content – all affect the user experience and therefore user’s effectiveness and hence productivity.