We Provide The Power to See

Persona based End User Experience for any service and application on any cloud,
through any connection using our Hortium.ai software

User experience insights, end to end!

  • Get a high level view of customer experience
  • Understand the evolution of end to end performance from the end user’s web browser to all server side resources
  • Identify App response time that differs from your usual baseline
  • Break down detailed performance drivers
  • Identify immediately performance leaks and application errors, when and where they are taking place
Scale User and App Performance Monitoring

24 x 7 World

Hortium Hortium constantly monitors the performance of your network and digital platform from hundreds of locations through the Internet to provide insights on where hogs are occurring and lead your to faster optimization of the Internet reachability of your apps.

  • Bespoke + Automated user App testing test from your users and to your users anywhere, office or remote. Test the cloud services as your users persons and their interactions with the services they consume
  • Testing of all layers impacting digital experience (Device, DNS, local and wireless network, latency and loss, App path, Clouds, digital platform)
  • Digital Supply Chain visualization: make sure you track routing changes, network congestion and latency/loss degradations.
  • Observe the impact of change and migrations optimization based on the access to all your resources and Apps from the users through state of change, migration and adoption

Understand the usage patterns of your application

  • Understand the spread of your users by geographic location
  • Identify peak and low usage depending on the time and the day
  • Track how user and transaction volumes evolve through time and distinguish normal usage patterns from change in trend
  • Transactions set: understand user requests and associated end user experience
Exclude outliers and guide your team towards a fast resolution

Instantly spot degradations which differ from normal variations


User geolocation: in which countries or cities are they connected? which operators (identified by their ASN) are they using to reach the internet?
Resource location (application, CDN, 3rd party) and what is the path used for users to reach them
Which user transactions are generating slow response or application errors? which resources inside these pages became less reachable (CDN, application, 3rd party scripts)? what are the characteristics of the users who are impacted (operating system, user agent)?


Discern when the issue started, if it occurred in the past or corresponds to a recurring issue

Faster Problem resolution
Resource Savings
Productivity Increase
Actionable Insights
Fix Issues fast
See the Issue, Get Alerted

Understand the infrastructure or application layer which is causing pages / transactions to be processed slowly
Local processing
DNS resolutions taking place before the http request
Network path from your users to your different resources from their local / GSM / Wifi network through the internet / transit and peering points to your platforms
Network latency and packet loss
TLS / SSL session setup
Server processing times or time to first byte – TTFB for each resource
Data transfer
Browser rendering
Hortium Hortium pinpoints right away the source of your performance leak by showing which behaviour change drives the degradation.

Hortium Hortium's platform

Hortium Hortium’s capabilities are powered by a sophisticated AIOps platform.
Analytics engine
Hortium Hortium's analytics engine stores and manages the digital experience data: Customer experience data
Shared internet and cloud performance data
Machine learning processes to provide experience insights, alerts and guided diagnostics
APIs to configure and request data
An intuitive user interface
Performance metric generators
Real user monitoring data collected from your users and objects
Customer dedicated stations which perform infrastructure and application tests
Hortium Hortium's global network of stations

Hortium Hortium'S DATA MODEL

Hortium Hortium’s analytics capabilities are unique:
Correlate multiple data sources to provide a high level visibility on the end to end application delivery chain and deliver root cause analysis
Leverage Machine Learning to deliver guided troubleshooting, trend detection and optimization recommendations.
Combine data collected for our customers and from our global station network to detect trends and opportunities for optimization
Deliver this as a service through a 100% automated deployment and self-driven maintenance
The scalability of its analytics platform is best in class

Deliver availability at a global scale

How to delivery application performance

Digitalization is often a way to scale businesses up and internationalize them. Cloud and Edge computing extend the reach of digital offerings to a global scale. Nevertheless, delivering a consistent experience on a global scale is still a challenge.

Does running in the cloud mean a consistent worldwide experience?

Unfortunately taking a digital business to a global scale is not as simple as it seems. While cloud service providers deploy more regions year after year, all of their offering is not yet uniform worldwide.

You could choose to use all the regions offered by your CSP.
Besides the money investment required, would it guarantee a consistent experience at world scale? The answer is that it is absolutely not certain you will actually improve the overall experience.

All regions are not served equally by Cloud Service Providers

Leading cloud computing services (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Computing as examples) are underserving some markets. While Latin America, Africa and the Middle East are poorly covered in cloud infrastructure, other more subtle regional differences exist.
CDN providers’ regional coverage also varies massively. Depending on the geographical spread of your user base, which providers you pick may end up with vast differences in experience.

Hortium Hortium recommends the best way to serve your markets

Hortium Hortium is designed to help you scale your digital offering to address all of your markets at a global scale.
With a zero touch implementation, Hortium Hortium will help you deliver actionable insights.

  • Understand and map user profiles against performance
  • Analyze usage depending on the geography, understand where users suffer
  • Track the factors of poor performance based on their specific client side infrastructure and operator.

User experience insights, end to end!

  • Get a high level view of customer experience
  • Understand the evolution of end to end performance from the end user’s web browser to all server side resources
  • Identify App response time that differs from your usual baseline
  • Break down detailed performance drivers
  • Identify immediately performance leaks and application errors, when and where they are taking place

All applications do not cope with latency in the same way

Your application profile (and your transaction profiles) can be sensitive or not to latency between your users and your resources.

Defining your strategy for an application global coverage requires: 

  • Precise and permanent visibility on your users
  • Knowledge of the performance of CDN and cloud providers for the different regions
  • Leverage Hortium Hortium’s global network of performance stations to make sure your digital platform responds to its best from hundreds of locations worldwide.
  • For each of the regions, benchmark your CDN and cloud computing strategy vs the one of your peers. This identifies opportunities to upgrade experience.

Digital Experience Monitoring for cloud native applications

Grow your digital business with modern user experience monitoring and
guided performance optimization of your networks, applications and cloud services.

What is Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)?

Digital Experience Monitoring tracks the interaction between users / connected objects and platforms delivering digital applications and services.

It takes over from application performance monitoring APM and End User Experience Monitoring EUEM which failed to adjust to environments where applications first rely on cloud services (such as IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, edge computing and content delivery networks CDN) and are connected to their users through a variety of public networks including internet.

Cloud native services are key to accelerate digital transformation

They leverage the cloud to its maximum extent to:
allow their business to become more agile
shorten their time to market
accelerate the global reach of their offerings
focus their efforts on their core business
ensure sufficient scalability while optimizing their economics.

In a digitalized world, user experience becomes a business driver

Regardless of the way you have deployed your digital platform, the experience of users will drive the performance of your business:
error rates and load times affect e-commerce efficiency
rendering speeds affect user adoption and productivity
how close you get to real time makes your IOT offering relevant or irrelevant.

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