Our Solution for Remote Working

Hortium is the leading solution for remote working.

Applications, no matter where, are unpredictable and inconsistent from a users perspective.

Up, doesn’t mean usable. This increases support, system, license and time costs.

In a remote working situation, this is even more prevalent, where users may not understand or be able to control their own office environment.

Multiple devices, streaming, gaming, e-learning all at same time, over consumer broadband and even mobile connections add to the complexity of managing and trying to deliver business services and productivity.

Questions arise, that with-out the insights are difficult to answer or even manage and fix.

Questions like;


Is my internet connection good enough to access and use business services?


Is my connection quality consistent?

Choose the right provider

Do I have the right provider, connection type and speed?

Home LAN

What within my remote environment is affecting my application experience, delivery and my productivity?

Control the End to End Experience

Managing user Experience is key to deliver end to end control, consistent service levels and drive down costs. Hortium makes this happen!

Hortium is the only solution to provide actionable insights end to end, from the users perspective.