Our Services

Hortium is the leading solution for end user SDWAN and Intent based Networking (IBN) analytics including any and all types of SDWAN and IBN solution.

  • Manage and Control End User Experience from the edge
  • Control with business based User Experience Objectives (EUO)
  • Understand when experience is off the baseline
  • Understand Where to look, Who’s responsible and How to fix.


Manage the service to ensure end user experience

Intent Based Network

Manage and analyse through automation

Direct Internet Access

Control the experience through the uncertainty of the internet


Manage 3rd providers to deliver your key business applications

  • User Performance
  • Network Performance

The Challenge with SDWAN, IBN and Networks

The challenge with modern networks, whether SDWAN, IBN, Managed or Direct Access, is that as control is given up to these networks. Management of application experience becomes critical and no matter how much network monitoring these services provide, they miss the importance of experience delivered to the end user.