End to End MICROSOFT TEAMS lifecycle management

Hortium's allows you to view business critical information through user-defined reports, dashboards and monitors to ensure your business is performing efficiently with the highest levels of customer satisfaction within UCC environments like TEAMS.


Microsoft Teams meets all the criteria of Modern Work, enabling a secure collaborative experience wherever your users are working.

Protect your ROI: help users avoid the pitfalls of data leakage, duplication, and sprawl.

Full Multi-tenant Reporting: provide daily, weekly and monthly data spanning collaboration, usage and call analytics.

Automation: empowers users to work freely in Multi UCC environments from Teams, Cisco, Zoom, Avaya, etc, guided by personalised notifications to help them:

  • Nurture desired behaviour with tailored ‘Show me how’ links
  • Build closer relationships – encourage video calls and screen sharing
  • Avoid shadow IT – train users on workspace optimisation, prove value of certified devices
  • Monitor goals and progress – schedule data snapshots to IT Managers
  • Set up alerts for critical business issues if required


Without strong governance, you run the risk of fines, loss of revenue and reputational damage. We’ll help you stay on top of compliance risks in UCC like Teams, with 24/7/365 visibility. Using governance automation and adaptive cards to help you comply with GDPR, ISO and industry requirements, EUX Analytics also reduces the burden of admin on your IT teams.

  • Ensure accountability by restoring ownership to abandoned teams
  • Block access to sensitive data, ensuring owners archive or delete inactive teams
  • Monitor governance goals with scheduled automated reporting
  • Alerts can pinpoint governance breaches, ensuring a rapid return to Teams best practice


A poor experience can impact user confidence, customer perception and your bottom line. Using Multi UCC API’s and data connections, UCC systems like Teams Calls, Meetings and Call Queues reveals in crucial detail the quality and reliability of the live experience, ensuring ongoing service improvement with alerts and automated messages.

For active resolution and current state of play, Hortium delivers vital information rapidly, security and automated via a customisable real-time dashboard and scheduled historic reporting.

Reports include call log, performance and usage data with scores and custom thresholds, KPIs, devices and failures.

Through Hortium, you are able to collect real feedback from how your end-users experience changes and services, allowing you to make data-driven decision making instead of acting of gut feelings of what you think needs changing and risk project delays, financial waste and failure.

The Hortium Solution


Optimise day-to-day call, meetings and AA Call Queues, so you can:

Provide low-touch data snapshots e.g. answered/unanswered calls, site-to-site KPIs, video quality

Improve home WiFi and network performance with advice for remote workers

Monitor outsourced networks by sharing quality score updates

Promote certified devices with reminders to use headset, not laptop mic and speakers

Alerts, Reporting and Actionable Insights

Enable any drop-in service to be acted on immediately, using dynamic thresholds:

Direct-to-service-desk, workflow or stakeholder notifications

Enables business-critical issue resolution, with all supporting data to hand

Swift remediation avoids loss of business, and users reverting to shadow IT

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