Hortium is service protection for the Cloud. Managing your applications, users and technology.

We insure your applications, services and transformation projects are delivered as a success, reducing delivery and support time by 52%, increase user satisfaction and productivity, all whilst reducing licence and resource costs by 41%.

What we do

Application Behaviour, User Experience Insights

Hortium delivers actionable insights into the user experience of your business applications and services. Any application, any-where, every-time.

We help you test, measure and deliver next generation applications and services to your users. We support any application on any cloud and deliver insights based on a users persona and business criticality.

Gain the insights you need to manage complex 3rd party service chains and deliver the quality of experience your user requires to operate effectively.

No matter where the users or applications are located, we can test the end to end delivery path ensuring we pinpoint any issues before they occur and right-size the resources used to deliver the application, saving costs, increasing productivity and reducing support overhead.

  • Experience Insights through Transformation - DX
  • Experience Insights through Adoption and Migration - AX
  • Experience Insights as the End User - UX
  • Experience Insights as the Customer - CX
Hortium-EUX-Site Performance
Hortium-EUX-App Performance Map
Hortium-EUX-App Performance
Hortium-EUX-Site Performance
Predict - See - Fix

Focused on Actionable Insights

In a SaaS world where the market is offering direct, fast, flexible connections to your applications, how do you know the quality your users are experiencing and whether your business is performing?
Individual Cloud, direct-connection or managed service metrics don’t provide a full end-to-end picture.
We provide the insights that allow you to understand user performance from the user, through the network to your cloud and back, ensuring you can measure, predict and fix end user experience against business outcomes.

  • See, Predict, Fix
  • Deliver business outcome based service levels
  • Manage performance of any service on any cloud, through any connection
  • Insights into Office 365, Azure to SAP and any service in-between
our Solution

We Provide Service Compliance

Learn how our agents collect, test and analyse services using End User Computing

Big data insights through a robust end user computing solution that empower data collection, processing and analysis of your Business, Services and End User Experience

  • Actionable Insights
  • Service performance
  • Agent based collection
  • Multi-factored collection
  • Cross Data Analysis
  • Predictive Insights

Machine Learning for predictable insights

We use our agents to gather data into data lakes. Machine Learning is applied to the data to understand anomalies to predict potential issues before they impact your users and business.

Data is collected as an End User of your applications and services, so you can see what is impacting them, your business and productivity.

Data Powered Insights

  • Hive-mind based collection
  • End User based analysis
  • Predictive Actionable Data
  • When problems arise, understand responsibility

Insights of End User Experience into any Service

From Office 365, AWS to SAP and beyond. Gather actionable data across any application service and platform as an end user from anywhere.

  • Any Microsoft service - Office365, TEAMs, Dynamics
  • SAP and HANA
  • AWS - performance and Usage
  • Azure - Delivery and Control
  • ERP and CRM - Any from Anywhere
  • E-Commerce - Understand usage and behaviour

Insights into user and service adoption

Obtain financial accountability by driving hidden costs out of your application investment from license management to predicting the cost of downtime and aligning to your budget.

Allow Adoption data to provide value of service usage

  • Forecast Needs
  • Software license optimisation
  • Understand Adoption verus Productivity
  • Reduce Cost and Waste
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Organizations that heavily depend on cloud services simply can’t afford to not have visibility into exactly what users are experiencing. By monitoring the user experience as the end user, organizations place objective metrics onto what is normally subjective perception, providing IT with needed insight. This necessary monitoring uniquely allows organizations to determine how to design proper application and service connectivity, verify successful deployments, ensure service delivery, identify problem root causes, and improve user connectivity and productivity.

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Awards & Accreditations

We are grateful for the recognition we have recieved

Microsoft Partner Award 2022
ERDF Award 2021 by iSfB secured by OxLEP Business
AWS Partner Award 2022
Nvidia Inception Program Award 2022
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Ensure your users and services are performing and delivering

Manage and Control your application services from any cloud, any location to your users.

Reduced resource and license costs of your services whilst increasing adoption.