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Delivering Value Through Technology & Analytics

Using best in class technologies to deliver rapid RCA and ROI. Delivering the information you require, when you require it. Saving you time, money and resources

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Providing the Best Team & Supporting you always

A Highly experienced team delivering value through data and analytics. Supporting you step by step to ensure your technology and 3rd parties are working for you

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About us

We believe that information and service are the foundation of any business. Hortium’s innovative software enables enterprises and partners to maximize their investment in their technology environments. In the ever-changing world of service delivery, Hortium continues to lead in simplifying the complexities of managing, in real time, across 3rd party data and providing clarity in order to optimize user and business experience through analytics and machine learning.

We use analytics and machine learning to optimize real time information from any network by continuing to drive innovative solutions that deliver the unparalleled visibility and insight needed to manage the dynamic nature of technology across complex global systems.

Our Services

Intelligent - Proactive - Managed

Data Analytics

Turning technology into business value

We turn next-generation technologies into end-to-end managed services and solutions that deliver genuine business value. Our focus, expertise and experience ensures that enterprises fully reach their company objectives and more!

Empowering Unified Communications

An intuitive, user driven analytics service for UC gives you the visibility required to ensure that your UC investment in time, money and resources is delivering the business benefits you expect, whiilst driving up user adoption. Read More

NextGen Technologies ‘as a service’

For enterprises that lack the skills and resources to manage their own solution or that don’t want to invest in appliances and software, we provide a fully managed service for a fixed fee per month. From installation and setup to monthly reporting and pro-active tuning of your network, it’s all in the package.Read More


Deliver engaging user experiences to every user, everywhere, every time. See your offerings through your customer’s eyes and fix problems before your users are impacted.Read More

Enterprise Applications

Detects and diagnoses problems in real time, drilling down to the offending code for lightning fast resolution. Automatically see and analyze every user transaction, all the time. Kiss your war room goodbye.Read More


A breakthrough solution for highly dynamic, highly scalable applications, automatically discovering and monitoring dynamic application environment without any manual configuration. Level-up your monitoring with the power of AI based analytics.Read More


An exciting service deployed by Hortium which measures and reports on user's quality of experience and the performance of the underpinning global digital supply chains. In essence, AppFocus will allow you to be more productive, profitable and will protect your revenues and brands.Read More

Threat Analytics

Powered by advanced machine learning, together with a new branch of Bayesian probability theory, Treat Analytics is a self-learning cyber defense technology proven to work at scale. It is capable of detecting cyber-threats and anomalous behaviors that bypass traditional security tools, without prior knowledge of specific threats, or using rules or signatures.Read More

Outsourced Performance Monitoring for MSP's

Helping Service Providers deliver full performance monitoring solutions without the need for capital investment. Strengthen their position with Analysts and deliver value to their customers. Read More

Data Points