Be Productive

Eliminate wasted spend from downtime and slow service in business applications and the modern workplace

We help you to cut wasted spend on downtime in 3 areas

Find the productivity voids in your critical services

Businesses waste billions of dollars on poor application productivity. Most companies have either a basic or no view of business-service performance. 

Productivity isn’t just lost, it’s invisible. Service performance seems binary – either delivering or failing – but the most money is wasted in poor service performance that no one measures.

Boost productivity across Your enterprise technologies

Hortium stops you wasting money on downtime

Hortium shines a light on wasted money from downtime and slow service in business applications and the modern workplace.

Having complete visibility means you can understand what is slowing business productivity, knowing who is responsible and where money is being wasted.

Hortium Beacons will:

1. Alert you to poor performance, service and downtime
2. Simulate what a user does - only over thousands of scenarios at once to proactively find problems fast
3. Adapt to any changes made across the entire service environment in real time, applying new testing logic


Don't just take our word for it

We’ve helped global brands and household names to insure their IT investments with our proven system that is secure, scalable, SaaS, AI and automated.

On average, our customers have saved 15 months on transformation projects and saved $1.4 million in resource, license and IT costs.

Experience a new level of visibility

Hortium uses unique software to revolutionise the way your business invests in services.

Join the hundreds of other businesses we’ve helped…

Take Control Of Your Service Performance With Hortium​


On average, our customers have increased user adoption by 79%


Our customers have seen over $20 million savings in resource, license and IT costs


We have seen transformation projects reduced by up to 15 months