Hortium uses software beacons to test service performance

We offer complete visibility by shining a light on the causes and effects of unnecessary downtime, allowing users to regain control of their performance.

How does it work?

1. Hortium beacons are deployed onto a Windows device at your company location and auto-connect to the Hortium cloud
2. The Hortium cloud orchestrates centrally then securely begins to receive testing data from the Hortium Beacons
3. The Hortium platform uses ML & AI to present real-time insights and metrics to drive business decision making

What do you see?

The Hortium dashboard keeps test configurations up to date and presents insights through reports and alerts. 

This tool offers a comprehensive view of the service experience and the financial impact of downtime.

The Hortium dashboard provides in-depth performance metrics for applications, services, network and infrastructure.