We want to deliver experience data from every connected device to every service consumed to ensure any business application and transformation project works!

We believe every user interaction with technology should be a success.

We use innovative software agents to test, measure, analyse and alert on every user interaction with any application, any where, any time.
We deliver persona based analytics to improve productivity, delivery and the experience of every user across the complete digital supply chain end to end. For the organisation, we deliver greater adoption, reduce transformation risk and cost management, whilst removing the finger pointing when problems arise. Getting you and your users working faster!

We analyse data from multi vendors and data sources to provide insights which enable, protect and drive your business and users.

Delivered as a services, through multi visualisation systems like PowerBi, Griffana to name a few. Hortium delivers fast powerful actionable insights.

  • Experience Insights through Transformation - DX
  • Experience Insights through Adoption and Migration - AX
  • Experience Insights as the End User - UX
  • Experience Insights as the Customer - CX
Persona based User Experience

What is Hortium?

Hortium Experience agents test and collect data across multi platforms and geographical sites to produce actionable insights on the user experience delivered to your users by the applications they consume.
Hortium enables you and your business to:

  • Deliver application service level objectives based on user personas
  • Predict when applications will let your users down
  • Pinpoint the cause of application downtime from a users perspective
  • Model the resource requirement of sites and users based on application usage


Our Experience Agents, spread across your organisation,  securely collects data, transport the data to our secure cloud and apply complex machine learning to our multi tenant data lake. Actionable information can then be consumed via an intuitive dashboard or automated reports straight to your inbox.

Insights and Experience

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We deliver actionable insights from 1000's of technologies


Focused on Actionable Insights

Insights across; any cloud, any platform, any connection, any application, every service.
As companies move to Cloud service and SDWAN, the black box of delivery increases and transparency, predictability and assurance decreases.
How do you know services are performing for your business
When cloud uptime is five 9’s, but users are complaining and business is affected how do you see? How do you know how do you fix?

User Experience for Services
Transformation and Migration
Actionable Insights
Business Intelligence
Data Visualization


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