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The following covers Hortium Limited and Hortium Group of companies including trading names (‘Hortium’), Data Privacy & Protection.

Hortium,,, Hortium Analytics and Hortium Reporting Service are trading names of Hortium Limited (‘Hortium’).

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1 Privacy Statement

This Privacy Notice explains our privacy practices and provides information on how and why we collect, use and share data from our customers and end users of our products and services. This Privacy Notice applies to Hortium Products and Services with in Hortium and UCA solutions.

As used in this Notice, “personal information” or “personal data” means any information or data relating to an identified or identifiable natural person including name (first name, surname), department, extension number, SIP address, numbers dialled and usage information.

Usage information –

  • activity in relation to Traffic data about the communications that take place through the company Application and UC&C platform (such as calls, team chat, video conferencing) to enable us to transmit those communications effectively and efficiently;
  • Network Monitoring data to enable us to maintain and deliver data on the performance, the security and agility of internal networks;
  • log data about personnel use of the Services;
  • device data about any device used with the Application and UC&C platform;
  • Call Detail Records of data record produced by a telephone call or other telecommunications transactions. The record contains various attributes of the call, such as time, duration, completion status, source number and destination number;
  • Meta data, which is data created about other data which can include size, formatting, other characteristics of a data item;
  • Email addresses of personnel to receive scheduled reports;
  • Billing data, including individual license, service and call costs


We may use the personal information we collect from you for a range of purposes, specifically related to support and diagnostical investigation and fixing, answering requests for assistance with formulating reports and/or configuring dashboards. The full set of support services are detailed in section B of this document.

We will not rent or sell personal information about you or your personnel. We do not engage any third party services other than Microsoft Azure hosting services ( gb/privacystatement) for the delivery of our services.

However, we may need to comply with law enforcement agencies, regulatory or governmental bodies, or other third parties relating to the legal process, or to comply with any legal obligation; protect or defend our rights, interests or property or that of third parties; prevent or investigate wrongdoing.

Update and access to your information
Where we process personal information, we provide individuals with the opportunity to access, review, modify, and delete any such personal information that we process.

Requests from End Users
If you believe we may have collected or stored personal information, contact your administrator.

Keeping your information secure is important to Hortium. Hortium maintains a variety of appropriate technical and organisational safeguards to protect your personal information during transmission and once it is received.

Hortium has adopted high standards of protecting the personal data of individuals that it does not have a direct business relationship with, such as personal data processed by the systems of its corporate clients that Hortium is supporting. Hortium employees will only view personal data when they are explicitly instructed to do so by the client, and they will strictly follow the instructions of the client. Under no circumstances will Hortium employees attempt to view or process the following types of personal data without the prior written consent and instructions of the corporate client:

  • Seeking access to personal data that they are not authorized to access;
    • Asking for or opening computer files, messages, or other media that may be expected to contain personal data;
  • Sharing screens that display personal data with unauthorized individuals;
  • Providing personal data in computer files, messages, or other media to unauthorized individuals;
    • Letting unauthorized individuals participate in video-conferences where personal data is shared, or is expected to be shared;
    • Letting unauthorized individuals gain access or otherwise involve them in personal data processing;
    • Recording video-conferences, making copies of personal data in any other way;
    • Accessing production databases, systems or log files;
    • Altering or destroying files, databases, printed documents that may contain personal data;
    • Starting or stopping computer systems that are involved in personal data processing; and
    • Altering security, access control or permission mechanisms that change expose of personal data.


When Hortium employees engage in, or are exposed to, personal data that they thereafter realise is unauthorised by a client, such employee will immediately terminate the processing (terminate screen sharing, stop examining computer files, and perform other actions as appropriate) and will inform Hortium’s designated Data Protection Officer of the unauthorised processing.

While we endeavour to protect our Customers’ information, we cannot guarantee that unauthorised access, hacking, data loss or a data breach will not occur.

We will retain your personal information for no longer than the period specified by the customer. law, for legal, tax or regulatory reasons, or other legitimate and lawful business purposes.

Where we have no ongoing legitimate business need to process your personal information, we will either delete or anonymise it.

Licenses will terminate automatically on the expiration date if not renewed pursuant to the terms of the License. At this point, Hortium will delete all customer data held within Hortium’s hosted environment within 60 days.

Upon the termination of the Software License Agreement as to any Hortium Program(s), the license and all other rights granted to Licensee as to that Hortium Software Program(s) hereunder shall immediately cease, and Licensee shall immediately: return that Hortium Software Program(s) to Hortium Software including all documentation, manuals and copies in respect of that Hortium Software Program(s); purge all copies of that Hortium Software Program(s) and any portions thereof from all CPUs and storage media and devices on which Licensee has placed or allowed others to place that Hortium Software Program(s); and upon request provide Hortium Software with written certification that Licensee has complied with its obligations.

2. Scope of Maintenance and Support Services
Product Support. During the term of the Agreement, Hortium shall provide to Customer, telephone and/or email support for the Licensed Software. This support shall include labour during the Hours of Service as defined in SLA. Such support shall include product assistance, problem diagnosis, troubleshooting, identification of errors and error resolution. All such errors and applicable response times shall be classified according to the definitions included in Section 3. Hortium shall provide on-site support if and only if all other forms of support cannot fix the error.

Error Resolution. Customer shall notify Hortium in writing of any defect in performance of the Licensed Software in accordance with applicable specifications. Customer’s notification of a defect shall include sufficient detail to enable Hortium to duplicate the error. Hortium agrees to correct defects in material, workmanship or performance reported to Hortium during the term of this Agreement at no charge to the Customer. Hortium’s obligation is voided if the reported defect resulted from misapplication, neglect, improper use, or use or alteration by parties not authorised by Hortium. After resolution of the error, Hortium will send an error resolution to Customer, which will typically consist of updated software programs, applicable data and installation/operating instructions. These updated software programs may include other changes that have been made by Hortium.

Product Maintenance and Releases. Hortium may from time to time, distribute new product releases containing error corrections and enhancements to the version of the Licensed Software licensed by the Customer. Hortium agrees to maintain the Licensed Software by providing the Customer a copy of new releases thereof in the version of the Licensed Software held by the Customer. Maintenance shall not be deemed to include the license of upgrades, new versions, enhanced or additional features for the Licensed Software but does include maintenance of all enhancements and additional features of Licensed Software otherwise licensed by the Customer. Hortium reserves the right to respond only to errors detected by Customer unless otherwise stipulated in the contract. Telephone support will be provided for any software upgrade. Product upgrades may require the Customer to mail a copy of their database and/or provide remote access to the UCA Server for Hortium to provide assistance. Hortium shall (i) provide Customer with notice concerning the content of such releases; (ii) a schedule regarding support of previous releases.

Service Level Agreement
As part of Hortium’s Maintenance and Support agreement our SLA is defined according to the Severity

level of the problem:

Problem Classification

Severity Level 1. An error shall be defined as severity level 1 when it produces an emergency situation in which the Licensed Software is unusable, and there is no workaround available to the Customer. In such event, Hortium will respond within four hours of receipt of the error report and commit a technical resource until an error resolution is implemented, restricted to the support plan purchased and the Hortium software. Excluding third party systems.

Severity level 2. An error shall be defined as severity level 2 when: (I) a significant, but not primary, component of the system is unusable or does not function per applicable specification; or (ii) a severity level 1 problem is not 100% reproducible, but occurs frequently. In such event, Hortium will commit the necessary technical resources to provide an error resolution in most cases within sixty days of the Customer reporting the error. Restricted to the support plan purchased and the Hortium software. Excluding third party systems.

Severity Level 3.  An error shall be defined as severity level 3 when produces an inconvenient situation in which the Licensed software is usable but does not provide a function in the most convenient or expeditious manner. In such event, Hortium will commit the necessary resources to provide an error resolution in a subsequent release of UCA. Restricted to the support plan purchased and the Hortium software. Excluding third party systems.

  Severity Level 1 Severity Level 2 Severity Level 3 Help Desk Support Issues
Response time goal  4 Hours 48 Hours 72 Hours 48 Hours
Correction goal 48 Hours 60 Days Next Version Next Version

Helpdesk Support
Hortium will provide Helpdesk support to customers who have completed training. Support will be via remote access. Support will be for user questions on setup, operation or administration of the Licensed Software. This includes answers to specific questions, resolution of specific problems relating to the Licensed Software and directions on the use of the manuals and documentation.

Helpdesk support does not include:

  • Detailed step by step installation
  • Implementation for new functionality or Network
  • Consultation services
  • Report creation
  • Re-installation of UCA
  • Operating System
  • Hardware Support not provided by
  • Network Support
  • Communication Support


Chargeable support for this type of assistance is available upon request.

Hours of Service
Hortium shall provide support and maintenance during the Hours of Service: Monday – Friday 08:00- 17:00 (GMT) excluding Bank and National holiday. 24/7 Support is available on request.

Third Party Product
Hortium does not provide support or maintenance for any third party products which are not embedded in UCA or for any third party data sources and connections. Hortium will, however, assist Customer in monitoring third party problems and evaluating compatibility issues with Licensed Software. Customer agrees to install and maintain versions of the third party products which are compatible with the Licensed Software.

Hortium does not take liability for data, connections, processing and retrieval of data from 3rd parties and 3rd party sources.

Customer’s Responsibility
The Customer agrees that the Licensed Software will be operated only by personnel who have been properly trained by Hortium, in accordance to the instructions given in any documentation provided by Hortium. The Customer shall be responsible for providing one person as the point of contact during problem situations. This contact person must have successfully completed training by Hortium, on the operation of the Licensed Software. The Customer representative should be knowledgeable in the operation of all aspects of UCA, the Operating System in use, the Customer’s network environment and basic information.

The Customer shall be responsible for the procurement, installation and maintenance of all required hardware, operating systems, communications equipment, network components and other electronic media not purchased from Hortium or covered under this Agreement.

Customer shall provide Hortium access to and use of any machines, attachments, features, communication facilities or other equipment necessary to facilitate the performance of the maintenance services.

Hortium’s liability to the Customer resulting from the performance of maintenance or support service shall be limited to performing the services as provided in this Agreement. Hortium shall have no liability for any updates or upgrades in Customer’s hardware, which may be necessary to use updated versions of the software.

Hortium shall under no circumstances be held liable for any of the following damages resulting from failure to provide maintenance or support services for of the Licensed Software covered by this Agreement: (a) for personal injury or property damage except for proven direct damages for personal injury or to tangible personal property caused by its negligence, (b) for loss of data stored on magnetic media or in electronic memories, (c) FOR INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, LOST PROFITS, LOST SAVINGS OR REVENUES, or (d) for any damages (regardless of their nature) caused in whole or in part by Customer’s failure to fulfil or observe any of its obligation under this Agreement. In no event shall Hortium’s liability for any claim arising out of this agreement exceed the amount paid to Hortium by Customer under this Agreement. HORTIUM’S OBLIGATIONS HEREUNDER ARE PROVIDED IN LIEU OF ALL WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AND HORTIUM HEREBY EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY INCLUDING THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Subject to Hortium’s standard terms and conditions found at

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