About Us

Companies spend so much budget maintaining services that they don't even understand, when they should be investing in innovation. Our mission is to drive productivity, cut IT waste and cure digital risk. We hate wastage, especially when it’s so unnecessary.
Amar Nandha
Founder & CEO

Hortium is an award-winning company that protects IT service productivity, cut waste and cure digital risk by showing companies service underperformance, spend vs value metrics and accountability. Its global clients range from Fortune and FTSE firms in telco, banking, internet, and retail. Based in London, Hortium was recognised by Goldman Sachs, SAP and Nvidia. Hortium operates at enormous scale giving global CXOs visibility into what they spend on technology and how to remedy poor service performance.

Microsoft partner award

ERDF Award by iSfB secured by OxFEP Business

Aws partner Award

Nvidia Inception AI Program Award

Why we do it

We know that in tech there is a gap between perceived value and true value, but we believe that every company should be able to understand the ROI of its investments so that they can make better decisions.

At Hortium, we believe in driving productivity through the elimination of wasted spend by providing better insights and more control.

How we do it

Hortium uses beacons to test and alert on service and IT productivity.

Our software beacons:

1. Alert you to poor performance, service and downtime
2. Simulate what a user does over thousands of scenarios at once, to proactively find problems
3. Adapt to changes made across the entire service environment in real-time, applying new testing logic

What we stand for

In all we do, we strive to eliminate waste and optimise how companies invest in their IT.

The Beacon

We shine a light on service blind spots and financial black holes caused by suboptimal technology performance.

The Detective

We seek and find the evidence unlocking the truth. Allowing you to hold the right people accountable.

The Analyst

We trawl through the data and pull the right insights to locate the course of disruption.

The data guide

We focus on all elements, overseeing everything in order to deliver what you need. This guides you to success.

The Guardian

We're a watchful guardian over your business - ensuring your business gets the value and reliability that it needs from its software.