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What is the role of a beacon?
A Beacon looks at applications from the user, service and infrastructure perspective, constantly testing what works and what doesn’t – so you very quickly build a proactive picture of end-to-end service levels and get to the heart of any issues fast
What is a beacon?
A beacon is a unique piece of software that simulates user activity to identify slow time, idle time and downtime within your critical technology, over thousands of scenarios at once so you constantly have the most up to date, full-level service testing available across any application or service.
Where can a beacon sit?

Anywhere, as a beacon acts as the user. It usually operates from a MS Windows computer, SD Wan device or a virtual machine. Run it over your weakest link (WIFI) so it it act like your best employee.

How is data transmitted?
All Hortium system communications are secure and automated. All data transfers over 443 with a separate private and public key exchange.
Is this a modern network sniffer?

A traditional network sniffer would wait to watch traffic reactively and look at information from one point of view at one moment in time. That is expensive. There are security issues and it is reactive based on what has happened and it looks at the network not at the user.

Hortium is proactive and autonomous. Our beacons act as the user on your services. They test every element of your applications across the cloud or service as your user. You can very quickly can work out if the problem is infrastructure, service or a user issue.

How do I deploy Hortium?

We advise you to start small and see how you get on with some specific service areas. It’s worth considering deploying in all physical locations to get the best data. It is plug and play. Once your have installed the beacon it is centrally orchestrated.

Hortium has a growing library of accelerators, services and applications pre-built for testing. We can also build bespoke.