Optimising your cloud services

Slow is the new down

The average cost of downtime is $5,600 per minute (Gartner).

Disruption and downtime can have a massive impact on end-user productivity, and business productivity as a whole. Now more than ever, it is critical to stay ahead of outages and be aware of poor service performance within your cloud applications.

Cloud service providers typically send out an outage notification after 45 minutes. Hortium alerts you to an outage instantly.

Azure was slow / down on Jan 25th 2023 for up 300 minutes

AWS suffered a second outage in early december lasting 75 minutes

15 Major outages in 2022

100s of slow outages

Test critical applications 24/7

Hortium gives you constant, up-to-date, service testing – ensuring that your Cloud Service Provider SLAs are met.

Hortium beacons are continually performing the same actions as your users to determine the availability of certain functions as well as the quality. Our beacons provide automatic SLA calculations where you can use data to monitor your cloud services and their performance, allowing you to see and report each SLA breach and identify the culprit.