Service Experience Insights for Service Providers

Your connectivity and cloud services are the foundation of the digital services of your customers. Monitoring how you support them in delivering an outstanding digital experience to their internal users and customers is key to your success. Hortium for MSP's can make this happen!

Actionable Insights through prediction

Hortium for MSP’s Service compliance solution provides predictive analytics to help MSPs and CSPs attain valuable insights to make data-driven decisions. Insights into their customer’s services and user experience, preferences and needs, provides them a better understanding of the customer, user and service delivery requirements.

Hortium provides the insights via real-time and historic data to help map user and customer needs, identify trends, create upsell and more.

Churn prevention, Win creation

Acquiring a new customer is a channelling task. Keeping the customer engaged requires even more effort.

Accurate diagnosis of your customers and their users experience and alerting on the risk of a customer leaving is extremely important. Hortium’s service compliance solution combines big data with real-time analytics to provide actionable insights regarding your customer’s view of service experience. This allows you to address satisfaction issues, deliver a greater service and prevent churn whilst winning new business and upselling.

Real-time Testing and Analytics

With the rapid development of service ecosystem and evolving global connectivity, MSP’s face the challenge of constantly changing customer requirements.

Users and customers are becoming increasingly more demanding as digital supply chains become increasingly more complex, service delivery becomes clouded, and user and their devices increase in number and location.

Hortium’s real-time analytics provides a persona-based solution that continually tests, analysis and correlates data gained from Hortiums unique intelligence agent across multiple sources and environments. Insights are generated and action responses delivered in real-time. Hortiums real-time solution combines customer and user profiles, network, location, traffic, application, service, environment, and usage to create a 360-degree user-centric single pane of glass.

The Hortium Solution

Service Offering Optimisation

The MSP market is highly competitive. By providing customised product and service offerings, providers can upsell and cross-sell solutions easier. For example with detailed insights into a customers device, user, app, service environment, an MSP using Hortiums solution can see and suggest improvements and tailor-fit their offerings to the customers needs delivering a more consultative sale and relationship. If the Customers User is working from home and has service experience issues Hortium can pinpoint the problem and allow the MSP to make resolutions faster and provide strategic advice for making improvements.

Hortium offers MSPs the ability to provide a customised service offering, mapping customer needs and usage patterns with product value delivering an intelligent upsell.

Multi-tenant management built just for MSPs

Hortium’s dedicated, partner-centric portal is built on Hortium cloud, a 100 percent hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that helps companies take advantage of application service productivity – without compromising control. Hortium cloud is trusted by over 1 million cloud users, allowing business users, decision makers, and IT administrators to migrate, test, analyse and manage application service delivery.

Leverage Hortium’s cloud powerful capabilities to extend and differentiate your modern, cloud-based managed services offerings.

Flexible multi-tenant customer management
Elements is designed to help you scale.

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