Hortium Install and Config Guide

Overview #

Hortium is a software company focused on helping IT to shape smart and productive workplaces. We bring clarity to your workplace through a unique combination of real-time analytics, automation, and employee experience.

Architecture #

The architecture of our cloud platform has been designed to simplify operations, ensure scaling, and allow rapid deployment. The solution is composed of:

  • Endpoint agents, gathering information from employee or edge devices. This includes the agent.
  • A cloud platform, aggregating data and providing real-time IT analytics.
  • A web interface, offering multiple features to correlate technical metrics with employee experience, build dashboards, visualize and analyze events, and automate remediation to help you rapidly solve technology issues and improve the service experience.

Agent overview #

The Hortium Agent is lightweight software based on patented technology. It Tests, captures and reports application, service, cloud and network connections, program executions, web requests, and many other activities and properties from employee devices or edge device on which it runs. It is implemented as a piece of software and accompanying services, offering remote and automated silent installations with negligible impact on system performance while minimizing network traffic.

 Agent Pre-requisites #

The Agent is to be install on supported operating systems. The current supported operating systems are Windows 10 Pro and Windows 11 pro.

The Minimum software requirements which need to be installed on the Operating system before agent installation are:

  • .Net4.8+
  • Google Chrome
  • Local Admin rights to install the agent
  • Internet connectivity
  • WIFI and/or Ethernet access
  • The agent will ask for you to enter the following:
    • Customer ID – Hortium support to provide
    • URL – Hortium Support to provide

Please request these from Hortium Support in advance

The Minimum hardware requirements are:

  • Intel Windows Machine
  • ATOM PC with Dual core CPU or greater
  • 4GB RAM
  • 50GB of storage space

Agent Installation #

To install the agent, download the agent from the link provided in section 7 (agent installers).

Once downloaded, right click on the installer and run as admin.

The Agent should now go through a process to install the agent software.

The agent will ask for you to enter the following:

            Customer ID (number)


Please request these from Hortium Support in advance

The agent will ask you to agree to install other dependant processes and items.

Click continue to install these.

If requested to add items to desktop- click no or uncheck boxes.

Once the install process is completed, the agent is installed.

Agent Connectivity Requirements #

Agent Connectivity #

FromToProtocol: PortDescription
Hortium SystemAgent(s)TCP: 443 (HTTPS)Used to download configuration and exchange authentication keys
AgentEnterprise Agent(s)TCP: 443 (HTTPS)Used to tunnel data from Enterprise agent to Hortium Cloud
AgentUser Agent(s)TCP: 443 (HTTPS)Used to tunnel data from Enterprise agent to Hortium Cloud

This connectivity will normally be available for systems (such as the Agent) installed within an Enterprise network and so firewall changes are often not required.

NB: Where connectivity is restricted (e.g. by forcing Browser activity through a web proxy) consult with Hortium’s support team.

Connectivity/firewall changes: Agent #

FromToProtocol: PortDescription
[Agents]*.hortium.cloudTCP: 443HTTPS; download configuration data, upload collected data
[Agents] 11005Connection to API Subscription system
*.hortium.cloud Eux.hortium.cloud[Agents]TCP: 443HTTPS, upload collected data
[Agents][Customer] networkWhole port rangesService testing and experience testing for user apps

Agent installers #

Please request from Hortium:


Min Requirements:

ATOM 2xCore CPU+, 4GB RAM+, 50GB+ Storage space, Internet connection (WIFI or ETH)

Windows 10/11pro, Google Chrome, .Net4.8+

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