Customer Success Story: Finance Organisation

Enabling proactive management with application service testing. Testing services before employees start work to ensure productivity and digital resilience.

The Company with over 60,000 employees and 200 global locations. The company relies on over 200 business critical systems, to ensure the business is running smoothly and compliant with global regulations.


The company operation and support team manually test every business service and try to test every employee process task but this has become almost impossible.

The service and application testing can take hours and is only performed once so that any problems that occur after are not caught, which increases support tickets and resource costs.

They need to make sure all critical services are working before employees start, so they can troubleshoot any problem before it affects productivity and becomes a risk to the business.

The company did not know what the problem was, the internal and the external service teams could not pin point the problem and who was responsible.


The Company deployed Hortium to test and monitor the performance of their key business applications. They started initially with one application but increased this to all. Hortium quickly started testing all their applications and individual user journeys an in automated process, fully alerting and delivering the insights they required. Not only did Hortium test the services before employees started work but also continued the testing at a frequency chosen by the company through the day ensuring the IT was being truly proactive.


After implementing Hortium, the company saw a significant improvement in the uptime of its business-critical services. Employee productivity increased by 32%, support tickets dropped by 41% and the IT team could now catch when services were going to have problems, decreasing downtime and the cost to the business.


“Hortium has been key for our business. It’s helped us to manage our key services and reduce system and employee downtime. We’re now able to service our clients again.” – CIO, Finance

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