Customer Success Story: MSP

how Hortium can be used to differentiate your SDWAN offering and win more customers. By providing proactive insights into application performance, Hortium can help you to show customers how your solution will improve their service experience and protect their applications.

An MSP is a managed service provider that provides a variety of IT services to businesses of all sizes. The company is competing with two other MSPs to win a contract to provide SDWAN services to a large enterprise customer.


The three MSPs are all offering similar SDWAN services at a similar price point. The MSP knows that they can’t win on price, so they need to find a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors.


The MSP learns that the customer is not really interested in the SDWAN technology itself. The customer just wants to ensure that their service experience is protected and that they have the best SDWAN solution to support their applications services.

The MSP decides to be innovative and uses Hortium to deliver an innovative solution that is wrapped around their SDWAN offering. Hortium provides proactive insights into application performance, which allows The MSP to show the customer how their business services are working better with reduced downtime and delivering the productivity the customer requires.


The MSP was able to win the contract to provide SDWAN services to the large enterprise customer. The customer was impressed with The MSP’s innovative solution and their commitment to providing a high-quality service experience.

  • Reduced downtime by 50%
  • Increased productivity by 10%
  • Improved customer satisfaction by 20%
  • Increased customer retention by 15%


“The MSP was the clear winner in this competition. They were able to demonstrate how their solution would improve our service experience and protect our applications. We’re confident that we made the right decision by choosing The MSP.” – IT Director, Large Enterprise Customer

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