Customer Success Story: Retail

Big Box Retailer is a large retail chain with hundreds of stores across the country. The company relies on its point-of-sale (POS) system to process transactions and manage inventory.


Big Box Retailer was experiencing high levels of employee downtime due to problems with its POS system. The system was slow and unreliable, and employees were often unable to complete transactions.

The company did not know what the problem was, the internal and the external service teams could not pint point the problem and who was responsible.


Big Box Retailer’s MSP deployed Hortium to monitor the performance of the POS system. Hortium quickly identified the root cause of the performance problems: LAN side WIFI degradation causing the POS terminal go out of sync


After implementing Hortium, Big Box Retailer saw a significant improvement in the performance of its POS system. Employee downtime dropped by 52%, and the company’s sales increased by 4%.


“Hortium has been a lifesaver for our business. It’s helped us to improve the performance of our POS system and reduce employee downtime. We’re now able to process more transactions and serve more customers.” – IT Manager, Big Box Retailer

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