Hortium Empowers SIs with Predictive Edge Insights to improve MTTF and Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Hortium's predictive edge insights can empower SIs to win and retain large enterprise customers. By providing proactive service assurance and enabling customers to deliver exceptional service experiences, SIs can differentiate themselves from competitors and achieve long-term business success.

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, Service Integrators (SIs) face the constant challenge of delivering exceptional customer experiences while maintaining the high availability of critical applications and services. This demands proactive measures to anticipate and prevent disruptions, improving Mean Time To Failure (MTTF).

Hortium, a SaaS-based AI smart service assurance solution, empowers SIs with advanced predictive edge insights that enable them to proactively identify and resolve potential service issues before they impact customers. By leveraging AI-powered monitoring and edge computing capabilities, Hortium helps SIs:

1. Foresee Potential Failures with Predictive Edge Insights:

Hortium utilises machine learning algorithms to analyse real-time data streams from the edge, detecting patterns and anomalies that may indicate impending failures. These predictive insights provide SIs with early warnings, allowing them to take pre-emptive actions to address the root causes of potential issues before they manifest into outages or performance degradation from the Edge to the Cloud.

2. Minimise MTTF and Enhance Uptime:

By proactively addressing potential failures, SIs can significantly improve the Mean Time To Failure (MTTF), ensuring uninterrupted service delivery to their customers. This translates into improved customer satisfaction and reduced recovery time, leading to enhanced business continuity and operational efficiency. SI’s can provide predictions of failure in the customer Edge down to the minute to ensure true proactive management.

3. Optimise Performance and Resource Allocation:

Hortium’s predictive edge insights also enable SIs to optimise the performance and resource allocation of their applications and services. By predicting potential bottlenecks and resource constraints, SIs can proactively adjust configurations and allocate resources more efficiently, ensuring optimal performance and preventing performance degradation.

4. Streamline Digital Transformation Projects:

When over 70% of transformation projects failing, integrating Hortium into digital transformation projects empowers SIs to de-risk their initiatives and accelerate deployment. By identifying and addressing potential issues at the edge, SIs can ensure smoother transitions, minimising disruptions and delays, and maximising the ROI of their transformation efforts.

5. Foster Customer Loyalty and Boost Revenue:

Hortium’s ability to minimise downtime, enhance performance, and streamline digital transformation projects directly contributes to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. SIs can differentiate themselves through exceptional service delivery, attracting new customers and driving revenue growth.

6. Establish Trust and Credibility as a Value-Added Partner:

By demonstrating their commitment to proactive service assurance and predictive edge insights, SIs can establish themselves as trusted partners, enhancing their reputation and credibility among their customers. This strengthens customer relationships and contributes to long-term business success.

Hortium stands as a game-changer for SIs, empowering them to leverage predictive edge insights to improve MTTF, optimise performance, and deliver exceptional service experiences. This translates into increased customer satisfaction, revenue growth, and long-term business success for SIs.

Hortium Empowered an SI to Win a Large Retail Enterprise Customer

In the competitive world of managed service providers (SIs), the ability to deliver exceptional service experiences is crucial for winning and retaining customers. One of the top 5 SI’s recognised the growing demand for predictive and proactive service assurance and saw an opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

The Challenge

A large multinational retailer, was seeking an SI partner that could help them optimise the performance and reliability of their critical e-commerce platform down to the Edge PoS System. They were particularly interested in a solution that could provide predictive insights into potential issues and enable them to take pre-emptive action to prevent outages and performance degradation.

Enter Hortium

The SI recognised that Hortium, a SaaS-based AI smart service experience solution, could be the ideal solution for the Retail Customer. Hortium’s predictive edge insights, coupled with its comprehensive monitoring and testing capabilities, offered a powerful combination that could address Retail Customers unique needs.

The Proposal

The SI presented a compelling proposal to Retail Customer highlighting how Hortium could deliver the following benefits:

      • Improved MTTF (Mean Time To Failure): Hortium’s predictive insights would enable them to identify and resolve potential issues before they manifested into outages, significantly improving MTTF.

      • Enhanced Uptime: By proactively addressing potential failures, Hortium would ensure uninterrupted service delivery to Retail customer, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

      • Optimised Performance: Hortium’s real-time monitoring and analysis would provide the customer with insights into performance bottlenecks and resource constraints, enabling them to optimise their applications and services.

      • Streamlined Digital Transformation: Integrating Hortium into their digital transformation initiatives would help the customer de-risk their projects and accelerate deployments.

    The Winning Solution

    The Customer was impressed with SI’s detailed understanding of their needs, and the compelling value proposition offered by Hortium. They chose the SI as their preferred partner, confident that Hortium would provide the predictive and proactive service assurance they required.

    The Outcomes

    Since implementing Hortium, the Customer has experienced significant improvements in their service experience:

        • Improved MTTF by 30%: By proactively identifying and addressing potential issues, Hortium has helped significantly improve their MTTF, ensuring near-continuous service delivery.

        • Increased Uptime by 10%: The reduction in outages has resulted in a 10% increase in uptime, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and reduced performance-related complaints and increased revenue.

        • Optimised Performance: Hortium’s real-time monitoring and analysis have helped identify and resolve performance bottlenecks, leading to a 17% improvement in application performance.

        • Streamlined Digital Transformation: Hortium’s integration into their digital transformation projects has helped de-risk their initiatives and accelerate deployments.

      The Impact

      The successful implementation of Hortium has significantly impacted business operations:

          • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Improved service experience has led to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, contributing to customer retention and reduced churn.

          • Increased Revenue: Streamlined operations and reduced downtime have enabled the Customer to improve their sales conversion rates and increase revenue.

          • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: By optimising performance and resource allocation, Hortium has helped reduce operational costs and improve overall efficiency.


        This customer story demonstrates how Hortium’s predictive edge insights can empower SIs to win and retain large enterprise customers. By providing proactive service assurance and enabling customers to deliver exceptional service experiences, SIs can differentiate themselves from competitors and achieve long-term business success.


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