Customer Success Story: FMCG

How Hortium's solutions help in FMCG environments. Make online ordering better.

A large FMCG company that sells a variety of products to consumers around the world. The company has a large online presence, and its supply chain and e-commerce planforms are a critical part of its business.


The customer was experiencing high levels of complaints about the performance of its online ordering system. The system was slow and unreliable, and customers were often unable to complete their orders.

The company did not know what the problem was, the internal and the external service teams could not pint point the problem and who was responsible.


The customer’s MSP deployed Hortium to monitor the performance of the online ordering system and SAP system. Hortium quickly identified the root cause of the performance problems: SDWAN solution was not routing traffic across the correct paths increasing the overall transaction time of the service tasks.


After implementing Hortium, the customer saw a significant improvement in the performance of its online ordering system. Customer complaints dropped by 80%, and the company’s website traffic increased by 20%.


“Hortium has been a game-changer for our business. It’s given us the visibility we need to deliver the high-quality service experience that our customers demand. We’ve seen a significant improvement in our CSAT scores and churn rate since we started using Hortium.”

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